Do you want to automate plate production and management processes?

We have the solution

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Piegalastre in linea per heidelberg Komori, Inline plate bender Heidelberg Komori

Plate bending and stacking system on trolleys divided by job/signature

Sistema identificazione e suddivisione lastre

Plate identification system with writing and stacking on trolleys divided by job/signature

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Automatic plate punch system



Punzonatrici in linea
InLine Plate Punch

Punching machine to be inserted into the plate process line immediately after the developer or Ctp for noprocess plates

InLine Plate Bender Heidelberg/Komori

Easy and compact Plate bender machine with stacker station on trolley

InLine Optical Punch and Bender, piegalastre ottico in linea
InLine Plate bender for newspaper printer

Optical Plate bender machine with stacker

Optical punch and bender, Piegalastre punzonatrice ottico
Optical Plate Punch

Optical plate bender for weboffset

Upgrade to optical register

we install cameras and motors for move the plate before the bending

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